Patrol Leader Council Notes

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September Notes
 3rd: Plc

10th: field day

17th: biking around macomb

24th: Court of Honor

Camp out: hiking, fishing, and working on the geocaching merit badge at jubilee

Service project: Alzheimer's walk setup on 21st
Hayden's eagle project
If either the 10th or the 17th gets rained out Mr. Knicl will need help making fire kits
July 16th we will be meeting at the docks at Spring Lake at 6:30 to go over Safety Afloat.  Wear clothes that are ok to get wet just in case.
July 23 we will be going to Argyle to canoe/kayak.  Meet at the dock at 6:00 and again wear clothes that can get wet.
July 30th we will be back at the church at the regular time.
July 26-28 is out camp-out.  We are going to go to Iowa to canoe the Hoover trail.  More details will be coming soon.
Augusts schedule:  
Sunday 4th trail clean-up at Argyle 1-4pm
Tuesday 6th PLC
Tuesday 13th Justin to work with the boys on the Fly-Fishing merit badge
Tuesday 20th Fishing at Spring Lake, meet at docks 6:30
Friday-Sunday 24-25th camp-out Spring Lake State Park and fish Hatchery
Tuesday 27th Noah presentation on fish
July 2013 notes
  • July 2: Patrol Leader's Council


  • July 9: water war at the church, bring your own stuff


  • July 16: safety afloat at spring lake meeting starts at 6:30 instead of 7:00

            *Please wear swim trunks and shirts that can get wet in case you fall in.*


  • July 23: canoeing at Lake Argyle- meeting times to be announced at a later date


  • July 30: Sea Base and Northern Tier High Adventure presentations


  • Campout: July 26-28 going to Kibbe


  • Service project: bagging and hauling sweet corn at Wesley Church times will be announced later

          *Also volunteer opportunities at Cub Scout Day Camp - talk to Mrs. Hutcherson for more information 

June notes:
June 1: planned hike at camp pearl meet at spring lake at 9:00 meet at the docks
June 1: Grayson's Eagle Scout project 1:00-3:00 at spring lake

June 2: Grayson's Eagle Scout project 1:00-3:00 at spring lake
June 4: Plc and burning signs for those who don't have any
June 8: 1:00 meet at house washing windows and cleaning gutters bring your own supplies unless told otherwise

June 11: finish sign burning what to bring/not to bring presentation for summer camp

June 18: gone at summer camp
June 25: court of honor

Campouts: summer camp from 16th to 22nd of June

June 29: camping out at the airfield night before fly-in

Service project: Fly-in: car parking
-June 30
The information on this list may be subject to change as we get further through the month. 

May notes
Theme: special cooking: Dutch ovens
May 7th: PLC, going to DQ afterward

May 14th: food safety presentation by Chris Adams and planning for campout
Hayden is contact

May 21st: attempt at Dutch oven cooking

May 28th: finish cooking merit badge

Campout: cook off and requirements check off on the 17th,18th, and 19th

Service project: help stock shelves at Loaves and Fishes - Andrew graham is contact

April PLC Notes


March 16: Merit Badge University

March 17: Scott's Eagle Scout Project

March 19: Forestry Presentation

March 26: Court of Honor

March 30: Hide Easter eggs, and day hike at Camp Pearl


April 2: PLC

April 9: Leadership Presentation

April 12-13: Horn Field Campout

April 16: Patrol competition games

April 19-20: Backup Horn Field  Campout

April 23: Archery meeting at Camp  Chic-A-Gama

April 30: Patrol time using the EDGE method

February 2013 notes:

•Our campout is the lock-in on February 17th-18th, Sunday-Monday

•Scuba diving-
  •Grayson is contacting, scuba will be on an odd date and will replace a regular meeting
•Fencing presentation 12th, 19th, or 26th. Date is not set
Tim is contact
•Induction ceremony for Weblos, 19th if possible 26th is fallback date
•New games for troop will be the last date available, each patrol must come up with at least one game and be able to teach the troop
March 2013 notes-
•March 5- Plc
•March 12- trailer organization
•March 19- forestry presentation and patrol time Jeffrey is contact
•March 26- court of honor
•March 30- day hike at Camp Pearl Grayson is contact
•The hike will be morning to afternoon and each person is responsible for their own lunch
•We will be hiding Easter eggs at glenwood park by the pavilion before we go to hike
•campout and service project will be at the Maple Syrup Festival 1 and 2 Friday to Saturday of March
•March 10- jambo swim tests
•March 16- merit badge university

January 2013

January 12- Merit Badge Classes at John Deere? (Mrs Nolan mentioned it)
January 15- PLC
January 18-19- Lock In/Team Building at Church (Collin is contact)
January 22- Yearly Planning
January 29- Klondike Prep/OA Elections

November 24th- service project at camp chicagama BRING RAKES IF POSSIBLE they are short on tools November 27th- paracord and elections, ***wear full class A's*** December 4th- RPTA presentation and PLC Dec. 8th we will be ringing bells for the Salvation Army. Someone from the Green Beret patrol is responsible for setting this up. December 9th- OA potluck, times determined later, updates will be sent out December 11th- citizenship in the community presentations Dec. 11th meeting: in addition to the Citizenship in the Community presentations we will also have a presentation about new winter camping technologies, someone in the Flaming Wolverines is responsible for this. December 27th and 28th- skiing campout, we need to know if you are going by the 11th
December notes-

4: plc

11: new winter camping technology presentation
Flaming wolverines

18: sledding, high hot cocoa if there is no snow

25: no meeting

27th-28th: campout, ski snow star

Salvation army bell ringing on the 8th, Walgreens and county market
Green beret is contact

November updates:

9th: mallards game must know if your going by the 30th

20th: elections and patrol time

27th: survival bracelet making

-Church cleanup on the 18th, or camp chicagama cleanup on the weekend after thanksgiving
2nd: plc
9th: Alex's dadwillb doing a presentation
16th: entrepreneur planning and business start-up
23rd: entrepreneur planning and business startup

30th: selling chili supper tickets

Campout: District camporee, 6th

Service project: argyle trail cleanup, 28th-2:00-4:00

Troop Activity Date: pumpkin-chuckin'
6th: selling chili supper tickets
12th: setup for chili supper, time will be determined later
13th: chili supper show as soon as possible after school to finish the chili supper setup
20th: plc
Next Sunday from 2pm to 4pm
We will be cleaning the old macomb cemetery on Adams street
September notes-
Campout: September 8th shooting at spring lake or university range

Service project: argyle trail clearing or church clean up

4th: gun safety by Mr. Drew, it's mandatory if you want to go to the shooting campout
11th: plc

18th: popcorn informational meeting

25th: court of honor

Popcorn blitz Saturday 22


August notes


14th-water war you're required to bring your own stuff water guns and balloons are allowed

21st-safety afloat, soaring eagles are contacting28th-organized patrol time green beret in chargeCampout-

24th-26th hennipen canal renting Kayaks and/or canoes from loud thunder flaming wolverines organizing

Service project- cemetery clean up on the 12th green beret is contact 


JULY 2012
July 3rd:  PLC, campout planning and go to Dairy Queen
July 10th:   Touring MDH, set up by Tim's patrol
July 17th:   Field day
July 24th:   Red Cross Presentation (24th or 31st) set up by John's patrol
July 31st:   First Aid relay (24th or 31st depending on Red Cross)
Service project and campout - July 13 to 15 - all Macomb troops and Venture Crew at Spring Lake Park
JUNE 2012
June 5th:  plc
June 12th:  prep for summer camp
June 19th:  at summer camp, no meeting
June 26th:  emergency prepardness presentation by Abe
Campout:  summer camp 17th - 23rd of June service project is done at camp for those going
Additional service projects:
Fly-in Breakfast at the macomb airport, time: ?
Dedication of Veteran's Park, time:  ?
Veteran's Park is located near the intersection of university and bower roads




May campout: 25-27 camp jackson wilderness survival campout

May service project: church cleanup 20th

May 1: plc going to dairy queen 8:30 ending
May 8: kitchen maintnance and hygeine
May 15: patrol time and menu planning for cookoff and campout
May 22: cookoff 6:30 pm start for the meeting so remember to come early
May 29: sign cutting and burning

Campout: 20-22 maquoketa caves campout, contact is Collin
Service project: april 7th hiding eggs, Alex it contact
April 3: plc

April 10: patrol time
Bring books, details will be determined later

April 17: old fashion game day, dress appropriately for the weather, menu planning, know whether or not if you can go to the campout

April 24: presentation by someone from Tim's patrol