Patrol Leader Council Notes

August 2009

Boy Scouts of America                                                           August 4, 2009

Troop 315 Patrol Leaders Council, September Program Theme: Safety


August Recap

8/4 PLC                                                           8/18 Tour the McDonough County Jail/911 Ctr

8/11Troop Planning Meeting                          8/25Summer Camp Presentations

Bring ideas for campouts for

next year.                   


8/14 Wesley Village ICS 4:45 pm                  8/21-22 Canoeing Campout

Community Service Project



September Program Theme: Safety


9/1 Patrol Leaders Council                             9/8 Carson Presentation on Safety

October Program Theme: Nature                                and Patrol Time


9/15 Archery at Ball Fore?                              9/22 Justin’s Orienteering Course

       Jacob Smith will call                                      He need’s help!  Call Justin if

       to confirm availability.                                    you can help, this can be used

                                                                               towards, your own merit badge!

9/29 Court of Honor  6:30 pm


Camp Out – 9/12 Starved Rock, meet at the church at 6:30 am, departing at 7:00 am.


Community Service Project – 9/11 Patriot’s Day Put out Flag of Love before school.

                                                FULL CLASS A UNIFORM






Scouts                                                             Date    School

Meeting, PLC                                                 9/1                  

                                                                        9/3       Jr Hi Football game 5 pm

                                                                        9/5       MHS Football game, Band @ 12:30pm

Meeting                                                           9/8       Jr Hi Football game 7 pm

Community Service    “Patriots Day”             9/11     Band March-a-thon (Balloon Weekend)

Meeting                                                           9/15

                                                                        9/18     MHS Football game

                                                                        9/19     Morton Field Show Marching Band Comp.

Meeting                                                           9/22

                                                                        9/25     MHS Homecoming Game, Parade 3:30 pm

Begin Selling Popcorn                                    9/26     MHS Homecoming Dance

Court of Honor                                               9/29