Patrol Leader Council Notes

June 2009

Boy Scouts of America                                                           June 2, 2009

Troop 315 Patrol Leaders Council, July Program Theme: Health Care


June 2009 Recap

6/2 PLC                                                           6/23 Create Emergency Equipment

6/9 Emergency Drills                                                  Carson DeJoode Presentation

            Blake Andrews Presentation              6/27 Heritage Days Fly In Campout

6/16 No Meeting Summer Camp                    Drop off & pick up at the airport

                                                                        6/30 Court of Honor 630pm



July 2009

7/7 PLC August Theme Boating/Canoeing                7/14  Swimming at Glenwood Pool

                                                                                    Contact Pool:  Jayson Moon



7/21     Carson Presentation                                        7/28   Blake Presentation

Begin Personal Fitness Merit Badge                           Complete Personal Fitness Merit Badge

Patrol Time                                                                  Patrol Time


Camp Out

Maquoketa Caves Iowa  July 10 – 12


Community Service Project

Trail Work at Lake Argyle  Contact Rangers:  Grayson Nolan





Meeting                                               Campout                                 Community Service

Patrol Time                                          St Louis Zoo                           Wesley Village Bday Party    

Hospital Tour                                      Maquoketa Caves                         Power Pt Summer camp

Doctors Office Tour                                                                           Trail Work at Argyle

CPR Training                                                                                     

DARE Program

Research Healthy Foods

Exercise Program for Summer

Personal Fitness MB