Patrol Leader Council Notes

May 2009

Boy Scouts of America                                                           May 5, 2009

Troop 315 Patrol Leaders Council,  June Program Theme: Emergency Preparedness


May 2009 Recap

5/5 PLC B-Day Ice Cream                             5/26 Summer Camp Shakedown

5/12 Carson Presentation                                            Marschall Presentation

  Zoo Animal Patrol Presentations                  Rehearse Summer Camp Skit

5/17Argyle Xtreme Clean Up                         5/29-31 St Louis Campout

5/19 Blake Presentation

            Spring Cleaning Troop Gear


June 2009 Emergency Preparedness


6/2 Patrol Leaders Council                             6/9 Blake Andrews Presentation

July:  Health Care                                           Emergency Preparedness

Trip to DQ after meeting                                Emergency Drill Simulations from the

                                                                        First Aid Camporee Patrol Competition


6/16 No meeting Summer Camp                     6/23  Carson DeJoode Presentation

                                                                        Emergency Preparedness


                                                                        Create Wilderness Emergency Equipment



6/30   Court Of Honor  630pm

Scouts should make one of the two dishes


Camp Out

Summer Camp 6/14 – 6/20

Philmont Trek 6/7 – 6/22


Community Service Project 

Park Cars at Fly In Saturday June 27

Meet at the Airport at 6pm Eat dinner at home overnite camp

Parent pick up at the Airport 11 am Sunday



6/2 PLC                                                                       6/25 Heritage Days Begins

6/3 Last day of School                                                6/27 Fly In at the Airport

6/7 Philmont Crew boards the train                                        Car park and campout

6/9 Meeting, Philmont Crew hits the trail                   6/30 Court of Honor

6/13 Troop Leaves for Summer Camp

6/20 Troop Returns from Summer Camp

6/22 Philmont Crew Returns