August/September PLC notes


August 15 - Alex Knicl Eagle COH 4:00 Trinity Lutheran Church.


August 17 - Swimming at Glenwood Pool from 6-8. The entrance fee is $2.


August 24 - Trailer clean up. Mr. Knicl will bring wax, rags, etc.


August 31 - Closet clean out.


September 4-6 - Canoe Campout. Location to be determined.


September 7 - PLC


September 14 - Storm watcher presentation. Justin is the contact.


September 18 - Help move chairs from the church to Chandler Park for the Al Sears Jazz Festival. Josh is the contact. Scoutmaster Conference for those who need it. Time and place to be determined.    


September 21 - Citizenship in the Community presentations and patrol time.


September 24-26 - District Camporee. Argyle Lake State Park.


September 26 - Popcorn Sales begin.


September 28 - Court of Honor. 6:30 Bring 2 dishes. National Jamboree slide show will take place.


Michael Dofing