Patrol Leader Council Notes

January 2010

January 12 -  Sledding at Argyle. Illinois Country Living wanted to do a story and wanted photos of people using the park. Detail will come later. (This information was changed after the PLC)


January 18 - Take down lights of love?


January 19 - Patrol time


January 26 - Winter presentation and Klondike Derby preparation. Abe will present.


January 29-30 Campout in cabins at living Springs. We will also go to an indoor climbing wall. Be at the church at 5PM, we will be leaving at 5:30.


February 2 - PLC


February 5,6 - Klondike Derby


February 7 - Church service at WUMC. Mr. Kirwan or Mr. Anderson will give a speech. Be there at 8:20, service ends at 9:30. Class A required.


February 9 - Flag presentation at VFW or American Legion.   Grayson is the contact.


February 16 - Presentation by Mr. Moon. Colin is  the contact.


February 20 - Blue and Gold Banquet.  Tentatively from 5-6.


February 23 - Alex Presentation on Citizenship, and patrol time.  Alternative date for Mr. Moon.



Michael will look into scheduling a flag program at Every House for Presidents Day, and Jacob will look into scheduling a flag program at Wesley Village for Presidents Day.

 We will give a presentation at one of these places, and the preferred place would be Wesley Village.