October/November PLC notes


October 12 - Field day. Bring sports equipment if you want to.


October 16 - WIU football game. Meet at Rocky on the North side of the stadium.

                     - Collin's Eagle Scout project at Oakwood Cemetery at 10:00 AM. Please refer to his email for more detail such as what to bring. 

October 19 - Bowling at WIU. Meet at the bowling alley at 7:00 P.M.

We will meet at the University Union on Tuesday, 19 October 2010 at 7:00pm. We will be able to bowl as many games as we want. We will determine the number of lanes needed based on the number of Scouts that attend. If Leaders would like to bowl, a lane will be available.
There is no cost to the Scouts for the use if this facility.


October 22-24 - Possible St. Louis campout. May have to be cancelled.


October 26 - Troop sales of Chili Supper Tickets.


November 2 - Troop sales of Chili Supper Tickets. Pizza afterwards?


November 8 - Chili Supper prep.


November 9 - Chili Supper.


November 16 - Patrol time.


November 23 - Tour WIU Science lab.


November 30 - Mini Klondike. Make sure to practice your knots and first aid.


December 27-28 - Ski Snowstar.


Michael Dofing