Feb. 2011 PLC Notes

February PLC notes on March.
March 1st: PLC and initiation of the new scouts.
March 8th: Patrol Time. Also helping the new guys get acquainted.

March 15th:  Pioneer Games. Both Daven and Hunter have magnanimously volunteered to research two pioneer games apiece so that we may play them at this meeting.

March 22nd: Jackson will have design(s) for catapult(s). This is to work on lashing requirements if you don't have them, and maybe a mini punkin chunkin contest. (If we have supplies.)

March 29th: This is our court of honor. Standard procedure applies, Two dishes a scout, with at least one of them prepared/cooked/helped on by the scout. 

The Maple Syrup festival is on March 4th to 5th and the Merit badge university is on the 4th as well. Next meeting you need to know which you're doing, as you can only do one. 
Merit Badge university registration is from 8-9 and the university itself will be over at 3.