Jan./Feb. 2011 Patrol Leader Council Notes

PLC Notes


January Recap:

4th: PLC

8th: Globetrotters- Meet at 3:30, Leave at 4:00

11th: Sledding/Klondike Prep- If there is snow, meet at the big hill by the physical plant. If no snow, meet at the church. 7:00 either way.

15th- New Event* It is Scout night for WIU Basketball. Free tickets. Meet at 7:00 at Western Hall. If you were not at the meeting to sign up, email me back ASAP.

18th- Abe’s Presentation/Patrol Time

25th- the opposite of the 11th- if we didn’t sled the 11th and there is snow, meet at the physical plant. If still no snow, meet at the church.

29th-30th- Campout to Bluespring Caves (more info to come)



1st: PLC

4th-6th: Klondike in Monmouth (more info to come)

8th: Yearly Planning (at church)

15th: Quentin’s Presentation/Patrol Time

22nd: Tour of WIU’s TV station (Grayson is contact, more info to come)

26th: Service Project at Wesley: Meet at 2:00