July 2011

Tuesday June 21st- Finish Embellishments and Set Up Tents for Mr. Witten- 7:00-8:30

Thursday June 23rd-Saturday June 25th- Heritage Days Booth *More to Come*

Sunday June 26th-Saturday July 2nd- Summer Camp *More to Come*

Tuesday July 5th- PLC- 7:00-8:00

Tuesday July 12th- Court of Honor- 6:30-8:30 *Two Dishes, help make one; Sea Base Presentation?*

Tuesday July 19th- Grayson's Hiking Presentation and Patrol Time- 7:00-8:30

Friday July 22-Sunday July 24th- Campout *More info to Come*

Tuesday July 26th- Field Day *Meet at the field across the street due to church VBS*- 7:00-8:30