2012 Photo Gallery

Ski Trip Dec. 2012

Hiding Easter Eggs 2012

April 7 - Troop 315 assists the American Legion Ladies Auxiliary in hiding eggs in Glenwood Park. 

On January 2nd, several members of Boy Scout Troop 315 came to Wesley Village early in the morning to perform a service to the elderly living there. Every year the Lights of Love are displayed in a beautiful extravaganza of shimmering Christmas lights. However, someone has to take these down once the holiday season is over. Last Monday, that duty fell to the Boy Scouts. About fifteen boys arrived at the Wesley compound in the chilly morning air, unstrung the lights from the hundreds of trees set on the grounds, and collected the trees.
Pictured (Left to Right) Back Row: Justin Rossmiller, David Lueck, Collin Anderson, Michael Dofing, Steve Dofing, John Vigezzi, Jackson Matlak, Abe Matlak, Mark Anderson, Quentin Rossmiller                             

Front Row: Tim Vigezzi, Matt Lueck                         

Not Pictured: Alex Benson